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By Letícia Stables, Founder President of The Justice Movement.

I always say that information is the first step towards social transformation, and it is not by chance that this article is given this name.

This statement may seem simplistic or even obvious, but it is not.

Therefore, I invite you through this brief reading to discover how effective communication can be a key factor for the changes we want to see and experience in the world.

What brought you to this article is probably not the desire to be “just informed” about a social challenge that needs attention, or to know about a new index for measuring social impact, or to read a graph that shows you the percentage growth curve of social injustices Brazil.

Probably, what invited you to this reading is beyond that.

Maybe it's the desire to understand what the transformation of the world has to do with you in practice, maybe the curiosity to know about how you can engage with impact initiatives, maybe the desire to feel part of a movement, of a community engaged with issues that challenge the world to generate effective responses.

If this is your case, you are in the right place, this article is intended to not only inform you, but to inspire, encourage and bring hope to your heart.

When I propose that information can generate transformation, I am not just talking about the pedagogical potential of data, statistics and facts that lead you to know a reality that was hitherto unknown.

This is very important and essential - in fact, we value the accuracy and precision of everything we produce. But that would not summarize this conviction that I propose to share with you today, that: information is the first step towards social transformation.

The objective of information in generating social transformation is not necessarily to speak and be heard, but to provide a better understanding of what is said and heard. Speaking and being heard, in this context, is a means and not an end.

The information that generates social transformation is that which, in addition to being heard or read, is also understood. Since what we understand has the potential to generate identification and genuine connection.

The information that generates social transformation is that which establishes a meaningful connection not only with the ears of those who listen, or with the eyes of those who read, but above all with the soul and heart of those who understand a message.

The purpose of our content production here at The Justice Movement is to provide you with a path of connection with hope for transformation; faith for what seems impossible to you; courage that leads you to take from paper the dream that you so much hope will come true, and above all, remind you of the immense potential that resides in this truth: “you can be part of the answers to the changes you want to see and experience in the world .”

Effective communication for social transformation will not occur if the meaning of this truth is not established in mine and your heart.

In this context, I have good news! This is the first in a series of articles that will be produced each month by our leaders and experts here at The Justice Movement.

Starting this month, we have a monthly commitment to you through the production of authorial content, and to start our journey of transformation through information, I would like to propose something very practical today:

  1. Think about someone you consider a potential changemaker. Someone you know is not just going to skim this article, but wants engagement and a meaningful connection to transforming the world.

  2. Now, after you think of someone, click on the link in this article and share it with the person you thought of. This practice is simple, quick, costs us nothing, but strengthens and expands our potential to “inform to transform” ;)

  3. After you have read this reflection, take a few minutes, even if just a few, to exchange ideas and insights about what he spoke to your heart.

This is how information becomes the first step towards social transformation.

My wish is to see you here every month, and I really hope that our productions are light for your mind and fire for your heart.

A hug with love and see you soon,

Leticia Stables

Founder President of The Justice Movement


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